How to Obtain a Lifetime Driver Abstract from New York

New York Drivers License Abstract

Anyone can request their own driver abstract record or “lifetime abstract” in New York by submitting Form MV-15 to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles, but for individuals seeking to obtain someone else’s record, there are privacy protections in place. New York State driving records are protected by the Federal Driver’s Privacy Protection […]

Giving Thanks (With a Spy Twist)

Eye Spy - Diligentia Group

Last year we started a tradition of giving thanks to some of our clients with a custom football made by my friend Paul Cunningham at Leather Head Sports. In an era where fastest and cheapest are formulas we use to describe the value of things, it’s a clear reminder that quality, premium goods and services […]

17 Investigative Principles I Live By

Investigative Principles

1Don’t take on clients who are more interested in the mysterious, secretive, shady, working-on-the-edge-of-the-law mystique 2Follow the facts 3Don’t get hung up with what other people think 4If at any point you think you know everything, it’s time to get out of the business 5If you are not an expert in something, become one (or […]

10 Quotes Every Private Investigator Should Know

Quotes Private Investigator

In honor of our fifth anniversary, which we celebrated last week, I have put together a few quotes that have inspired me over the years. So if you need a little investigative inspiration, check out these quotes from famous investigators, writers, fictional characters and even one from everyone’s favorite pet detective. Enjoy!