Failing Successfully

Fail Successfully

It’s not something that we like to do very often, but we fail more often than we would like to admit. Nobody likes to admit to defeat. But it happens. In a business with so many independent variables, there are no guarantees. We can’t promise that we will be able to dig up some salacious […]

Custom Google Search Engine for U.S. Government Regulatory Agencies

Search Engine for U.S. Government Regulatory Agencies Google Custom Search Engine

As a private investigator conducting web-based research on a daily basis, one of the biggest challenges is to separate wheat from the chaff. Navigating between the waves of useless information on, and and sifting through the top search results on Google serves as a challenge when conducting investigative research on the web. […]

The Experiences That Shape You

The Experiences that Shape You

Maya Angelou, one of the most well-known writers and poets of our time, passed away last week. Upon her death, what came as a surprise to many is that she held a long string of jobs throughout her life, from a cable conductor to a nightclub dancer to a magazine editor to a cook. She […]

Givers, Takers and Picasso

An investigator from Texas emailed last week me and asked me about what what she should charge an attorney client for a new line of work that she is getting in to. Pretty bold if you ask me, especially considering I have never met or heard of the person. I can’t really think of any […]