What a Private Investigator Can Learn from Youth Sports

Private Investigator Youth Sports

My 10-year-old son is a sports fanatic. And it’s not just about playing every sport; it’s also about watching sports. In fact, I think he is watching a replay of the 2015 Men’s Curling World Championship as I write this. His first love is baseball, but he has played organized soccer, paddle tennis, basketball, flag football […]

Statewide Criminal Record Checks: What You Need to Know

State Criminal Background Check Map

Criminal record checks have been woven into the fabric of everyday business in the United States. They are conducted for employment, occupational licensing, government clearance, adoption, immigration, travel visas and even some volunteer work. As much as they have become a part of ordinary life, they are widely misunderstood. In short, there is no simple […]

Justifying Your Unethical Decisions

Justifying Unethical Decisions

Last week I received a call from a private investigator in Arizona. He assists families who are searching for missing children, and was interested in tracking down a missing teenage girl by using cell towers. He had found us through a blog post that I made a few years back. He went on to tell me […]

8 Obsolete Spy Tools That We’ll Never Use Again

Obsolete Spy Tools

Really? They strapped a camera to a pigeon? And a shoe doubled as a phone? 1Spy Camera Pocket Watch Because pocket watches are so 1930. (Watchisimo) 2Pigeon Camera Drones are much easier to control. (NBC News) 3Microdot Camera In today’s age, it would be disseminated in electronic form, but these gadgets could take a take […]