Find Someone on Facebook Without Even Knowing Their Name

Find Someone on Facebook Without Even Knowing Their Name

It’s true. You can actually find someone on Facebook without even knowing their name. In fact, I found someone on Facebook just a few weeks ago, knowing only some information about their past.

If the person you are looking for has put restrictions on their public Facebook information, you might be out of luck.

The trick here is that it all depends on the privacy settings that the user sets up in their “About” section. In some cases, the information contained in the “About” section is public, such as a phone number, previous employers, college/university or high school.

All this works using Facebook’s search bar at the top of the screen. You can also use Facebook’s advanced search, but it’s not necessary.

This is far from foolproof. Facebook has so many different privacy settings that it’s impossible to go through every scenario of when this works and when it does not, but here are some things you can try:


Maybe you are getting random emails from someone. Or you just want to see if the person you are emailing has a Facebook account. Did you know that you can type an email address in the search bar and Facebook will link you to the Facebook profile associated with that email? You can.

Phone Number

Similar to their email address, some people include their phone number in their “About” section.  Just enter the number and, voila, you find the person. (In my experience, you can enter the number with or without the dashes.) So the next time you get some random phone calls or texts from an unknown person, this may be a good place to start.


This is a little more challenging. If you know some characteristics about the person (i.e., what school they went to, where they live) you can type them into Facebook’s search box. Obviously, if you type in Starbucks and New York City, you are going to be in for a long day.

My suggestion is to type in two unique characteristics. For example, if you know the person grew up in Tivoli, New York, and went to the University of Amsterdam, you just might be able to find them.

So there you have it. It’s hard to believe, but you can find someone on Facebook, without even knowing their name. So the next time you you have a hazy recollection the night after … well, you can just use your imagination.

(Did you know that you can even find the Boogie Man on Facebook?)

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  1. says

    I am looking for a lost friend. I say lost because I lost touch with her after I left for Marine Boot Camp. I believe her name is Chelesy Ramiez She used to live at 1703 Maplewood Ave, Flint MI 48506 with her mom. I really want to get into contact with her…..Can you help me out!!!

  2. deedee says

    i met a guy at a hotel who asked for my number but i was to shy so i went back inside my hotel room i heard him outside telling my sister he wants my number I didnt know what to do so i pretended as if i were asleep then i realized i could give him my number later to find out he was already gone i was wondering if i can find him on facebook this is what i know about him: he is 15 he lives in oklahoma i dont know which part and i know how he looks in person is there any way i can find him with so little info or should i just l forget about him?

    • camila says

      literally the same thing happened to me last night. exact same. except he’s austin, tx and 16. helpppp. have you gotten any luck finding your hotel guy??? if you have, PLEASE tell me how!!!

  3. CU Buffalo says

    I met a girl last week at the “Tavern Downtown” in Denver. It’s on 20th and Market. She is a bartender there and through conversation I know that she is from Wisconsin and has lived in Denver for 3 “ish” months. I talked to her for about 3 hours and never actually asked for her name. (Like an idiot).

    Been trying on facebook to find her but can’t.

  4. Celeste says

    hey! So I met this awesome guy at the end of a Lana deal Rey concert who completely took care of me while I was super drunk. He left a video on my phone and I just found it and I would like to thank him. All I know is that his name is Sean and he lives in north California… Is there any way to find him?

  5. B says

    There is a guy named Jonathan who is a chef at the residence inn by marriot at kci in kansas city. Is there anyway to get a last name?

  6. says

    I would like to trace the guy that was on the plane with me just to say thanks for letting me basically hog all three seats in between us. I was very tired and did not talk to him…so if you see this -thanks a million.
    I also like sudoku. :)

  7. Simone rich says

    Hi was wondering if you could help me I’m looking for a guy Dereck can’t remember his surname he lived in wetherby I no his surname just can I hell remember it can you help in anyway he’s aged between 38 and 46

  8. says

    I had someone to lie about there identity,this guy who I thought was the guy in the pictures he sent me was lying,I need help finding the real guy in the picture,so he can know the other guy is using his pictures

  9. Richard says

    Hello there! I just want to find out is it possible to find a person, if i know only First name, age, where she’s from, what hotel she stayed and where went?

    • MM says

      I have the same question! I know first name, former spouse’s name, hotel name and date stayed, current & former city & town, and general info on work history.

  10. Natosha says

    I meet this guy at work age 22 from Harlan ky. He played football in high-school and we really hit it off the last while but he hasn’t been to work the last few days I’m afraid he quit before we could exchange numbers due to my phone bein off. You think there’s anythin that could be done?

  11. Jacob Helton says

    How do you find someone by only knowing their last name and the county they live in? Or is it possible?

      • hada5 says

        hi was wondering if you knew anything I could do…sounds like I have pretty much the same problem everyone else does I have a first name former job former two cities lived mother still stays there and relatives…however cannot pinpoint a last name but eye color age height but wondering if you had any ideas,

  12. Rachel says

    I met this guy at Knotts Berry Farm in June 2014, and I’m trying to figure out who he is. I know he lives or lived in Oregon in a city or town with around 20,000 people and that he plays or played lacrosse. I also know that he comes down to Newport CA area every few months but I have no clue why. Is there anyway that I can find him? I think he’s between the ages of 18-20ish.

      • Tatyana says

        I think it would be possible to find him it would just take some work. What I would do if I REALLY wanted to find him, run little google search, loom up the population of city or town called Oregon since you don’t know if it’s city or town, look up population, he told you its around 20,000 people so it’s probably a town but check, that I would look up once you have found towns with that similar populations i would probably look up lacrosse teams in that area. If he’s between the ages 18 and 20 he can no longer belong to a high school team unless he coaches, but if he plays, if both that might be better, then he might coach on one team and play on another in that case I would look would look up rosters of schools probably middle school or like little league for coaching because like you said he would be 18 -20 that would be to young to coach above middle school. Don’t just look up public schools look up charters and private schools must school have staff members as public record or should, if he doesn’t coach look up collages and area provost teams. Most provost teams and colleges teams renege between the age of 18, and maybe up to 33 for provost teams and 18 to 25 colleges which almost 100% of the time have some kind of teak website that markets the team and it’s game schedule along with a roster which will mostly likely at lest have there player number first and last name. You can either just do a name search on face book of on Google. And you will find that person, unless he is so a police officer because they are urged not to have Facebook because it is so easy to find someone and that’s not safe for the officer at lest the ones I know are, or some kinds of military are the same. After all that if you still want to find him do a photo search that would give you some info

  13. says

    I met someone at a Weezer concert at Rockfest 2014 and we were mesmerized by each other. I didn’t get a name or anything. Just the way he looks. I was wondering if there was anything I could do to find him this way?

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